Experience of use Motion Energy

Anna from Batumi's experience with Motion Energy cream

Anna from Batumi forgot about the joint and muscle pain of Motion Energy and gave a detailed review of the lip balm

My name is Anna, and I live in the Georgia state of Batumi. I want to share my experience of using Motion Energy cream to treat arthritis. I have been suffering from this disease for more than 10 years. I suffered from this disease at a very young age due to my professional activities. The pain is rarely disturbing, but when the weather changes, the joints of the wrists often swell. In addition, I participate in sports, so there is always a warm cream in the medicine cabinet that can be used at home to quickly relieve muscle pain after exercise.

Description of the cream

I saw Motion Energy in the advertisement. I was very interested in the manufacturer's promise, so I studied the composition carefully. I like that this is a natural remedy, so I immediately gave the order.

They quickly sent the goods to Batumi, paid for the package at the post office, and the goods arrived safely and harmlessly. Before that, I haven't seen any reviews, so to my surprise, this is a cream with a melting structure and I think it is like a gel. However, this is even better-the balsam absorbs slowly and therefore lasts longer.

The cream is thick and exudes a pleasant aroma of essential oils. It is easily squeezed out of the tube and distributed evenly on the skin.

How do i use cream

I will describe my problem: the wrist joint will be affected by professional activities (I used to be a tennis coach). They will swell regularly, get injured, get injured under load, have specific squeaks, and their movements are restricted. This usually happens when the weather changes and will not go away without treatment.

From the joint cream, I expect:

  • Good heating effect;
  • Quickly relieve pain;
  • Reduce swelling and inflammation;
  • Multifunctional-not only can be used for arthritis.
Packaging with lipstick Motion Energy, photo from Anna’s review

The drug is exactly as expected. This product can heat perfectly, but it will not burn the skin like similar products. The warmth comes from the inside, a very pleasant feeling. The pain disappears about 15-20 minutes after application.

How to use the cream is described in detail on the tube. I applied it as needed, sometimes once a day, sometimes 3 times a day. Relief came quickly. I would also like to point out a pleasant smell, which in my opinion also has a soothing effect, which may be due to the essential oils in the ingredients.

As a result of using it within a week, the exacerbation of arthritis disappeared completely. The edema was reduced on the second day of use, and the pain disappeared on the first day.

Motion Energy can be classified as a multifunctional tool. It contains no antibiotics or hormones and is a natural product, so it can be used for injuries, bruises and only for heating muscles. Sometimes, when I don't have time to warm up enough, I will apply it to my muscles before exercising.

I hiked with me. After climbing the rock, the muscles and back are always sore. The cream here saved our entire tourist team-comrades also used balsam, and everyone noticed the rapid relief.

My conclusion from the review is: a good quality warming cream for all occasions. I recommend this cream to anyone who is engaged in sports, leads an active lifestyle, suffers from joint diseases or occasionally suffers back pain.